Rich and Cindy Ackman Alaska Trip 2018 travel blog

Bear Glacer coming into Stewart on 37a

Bear Viewing Platform

The road to Salmon Glacier (pretty tough for an RV)

Coastal Mountains from Salmon Glacier

The mountains behind are about 9000' tall

Salmon Glacier 1

Salmon Glacier 2

Salmon Glacier turns to the right

Glacier crevice is about 300-400 ft. deep

Salmon Glacier and our house

Hyder Post office

Hyder General Store

Wterfall outside of Stewart. There are hundreds of these.

Bear Glacier

After a very long drive in the rain, we arrived at Stewart BC. The last 37 kilometers were on highway 37a which is called the Glacier Highway. It was raining coming into town but the glaciers, thousands of waterfalls, and rivers were amazing. We will be leaving in a couple days and hope to get some pictures on our way out of town.

Stewart is another little town of 800 that is pretty cut off from the rest of the world. They are at least 250 miles for any grocery stores, shopping or anything. They are also not connected to the Alaska Waterways.

Stewart is next to Hyder AK and there is a small border crossing there. This is our 6th border crossing. Just outside of Hyder is a bear viewing platform that was built by the US Park Service a number of years ago at a cost of over One Million Dollars. It was highly criticized but it still exists. There were tons of salmon coming up the stream to spawn, but no bears when we were there. We then went off the grid up a gravel road for another 35 kilometers to the Salmon Glacier. This is the largest glacier in the world that is accessible by road. Not much of a road but we made it. Beautiful Scenery.

Stewart and Hyder you can tell are struggling a bit. Lots of fixer upper opportunities.

We will head for Prince Rupert tomorrow.

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