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11 August 2018

Still waiting to sleep through the night! Think we were both awake only a couple of hours after turning in! Had a brief chat about a cup of tea, but resisted in case we are getting used to a drink at odd hours. Luckily we dozed off, Don waking just before 8am and Pam sleeping for another hour.

Quite a bit of noise on our floor during the night. Obviously they arrived in the early hours, opened and banged doors for ages, and talking loudly! Started again this morning, taping room cards on doors and calling out. Don opened our door and gave them "the stare!"

We had planned to go to Sentosa today, but decided against that after our big day yesterday, and will wait until Monday when we are told it won't be so crowded.

Checked with reception and managed to book on a River Safari in the afternoon at the Zoo.

Lots of big works going on at the Zoo which will be completed in two years time. They will then have five big attractions all in the same area. It will be huge.

Enjoyed the River Safari, something a bit different. Decided not to do Night Safari as well. Too big a day and we have done that in Australia. Happy to get back to hotel by 5pm and have a quiet night.

Don spoke with Stefan this morning, and they will pick us up tomorrow at 11.30am and go somewhere for brunch. Looking forward to catching up with them.

Had some chats from home. Caught up with Ian and Nicola last night while we were waiting for the light show, and chatted with Gemma this morning.

Only one photo allowed today. Will add some more when I get more uploads available!

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