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Easy riding along a canal

A village washing house fed by a spring

Today the perfectly manicured champagne vineyards are behind us - just a memory.

Instead we rode through farming country or (au contraire) with water to the left, or water to the right, or water on both sides. This is aquatic highway canal country and mostly very flat.

The building of these canals must have been at the time major projects much like our 8-Lane highways. How they built them by hand, with picks and shovels, seems a miracle.

Smoko today turned into lunch, due to a late start - it was in Vitry Le Francois at 34km, under the town square trees and then a coffee in one of the cafes facing the square, with group of tough guys on motorbikes who also thought it was a great place for a coffee break as serious cyclists, we ignored the bikies and they ignored us of course. Same as at Pie in the Sky near Sydney.

After a 67 km ride we arrived in St Dizier. Everyone went for a walk around town and preloaded with drinks in bar whilst Pauline stayed back at the hotel to do secret tour leader business.

Total Distance 127km

Elevation Gain. 194m - bugger all eh.

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