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Super Trees from Dragon Fly Bridge

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Window cleaners st work



Waterfall in Cloud Forest

Marina Sands Hotel

Sound & light show

Sound & light show

10 August 2018

Another early morning cup of tea at 3am. A bit of reading, then back to sleep! Hopefully the body works out the right time soon. Set the alarm for 8.30am so we didn't sleep too long.

Caught the 10.45 shuttle to Novena Shopping Mall. Found the MRT (underground railway), sorted our rail cards and set off for Marina Bay.

Not sure exactly where we were, but soon found our way to Marina Bay and a shopping mall. Not many people around, a check with information and got directions to Gardens by the Bay.

This shopping Centre is huge and is all connected to the Marina Bay Sands Hotel.

Took the escalators to the top floor and then onto a walkway to the gardens. One would not need to have a fear of heights, but magnificent views of the area and the Super Tree Grove.

Plenty of signposts to guide us, and purchased our tickets to the Flower Dome and Cloud Forest.

First stop was the Flower Dome, breathtaking and so nice and cool as we entered. Hard to describe, but spent a long time wandering through all the displays of flowers etc from different countries, and amazing orchids. Very well done with walkways to capture it all, and even the window cleaners were at work which is probably a full time job.

A short break for lunch and to rest the weary feet before heading to the Cloud Forest, another beautiful area of displays and walkways. No wonder everyone talks about these gardens.

Found a comfy seat for a while to have a rest and watch the passing crowd. A bit of time to fill in before lining up for the OCBC Skyway. Up in the lift to the walkway between three of the super trees. Only so many allowed on the walkway at a certain time and a 15 minute time limit.

Had time to rest the feet again and have a bite to eat before the light and sound show in the trees at 7.45pm. Another delightful experience. Plenty of space to watch the show, even with lots of people around. As we found our way out of there after the show, soon realized just how many people were there, and just as many people heading over for the next show an hour later.

Found our way back to Marina Bay Sands, then to the MRT and shuttle bus to our hotel and a much welcomed shower and bed.

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