We updated our travel map, added three states. Virginia, Maryland and Pennsylvania

Dave with newly found “long lost cousin” Suzy

Dave doesn’t believe in accidents but he does believe in Providence. And nothing describes better what he means by that than with this story.

While at TT Gettysburg, we were sitting outside like we do at every RV park. We like outside, the fresh air, the squirrels, the birds and of course the parade of dogs being walked and exercised. Since we are without our own fuzzy and furry friend, we tend to greet most dogs who pass by, giving each a pat and a rub. Usually we end up exchanging stories with the humans, too. On this day, we stopped a couple who were walking or being walked by their two cute and lovable dogs. When the conversation lasted longer than usual we invited them to come sit down and get acquainted. Somehow the conversation turned to genealogy and family history. One exchange after another and then we discovered Suzy and Dave are cousins about 7 times removed! We definitely make the connection back to our family landing at a big rock in Massachusetts called Plymouth ! We are both descendants of the Fuller brothers, Edward and Dr. Samuel.

A similar occurrence happened to Dave back a few years ago, when we were camped at NAS Corpus Christi. Once again finding Edward Prince as a cousin from the same family line at Plymouth...

Our longtime readers know that we update our travel map only when we spend a couple nights in a state. But, it’s been several states ago that we updated the map. So, you’ll see we plastered three on, at once.

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