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Our beautiful vintage hotel makes a nice background here.


Everyday was like a parade on Garden Bridge






I love the back on this dress


Did I say it was a popular place?



Who needs twinkle lights with this backdrop?


Love her jacket!


Another Western tradition has taken hold

Not the Bund, a nearby temple

Fashion Week

A Fashion Week prop-mobile

Modelling winter wear in the heat can’ be comfortable



Cool, even in this heat.




The Shanghai skyline is spectacular, with the classical buildings along the riverside known as the Bund, and the spectacular modern towers across the way in Pudong.

So much to see and do in this most cosmopolitan of China’s cities.

This post is for the fashion followers, or brides-to-be (perhaps?). Anyway, the traditional Chinese celebratory colour of red makes for standout pictures along the Garden Bridge and Bund "boardwalk". You will see some brides wearing "Western White" too. In Shanghai, weddings do not typically have an after-dinner dance as is common in North America, so the happy couple may go for their pictures when their guests depart (or so I was told)and then head out to a club with their friends for dancing.

Also, because we were there during Fashion Week I have included a few shots of the professional photographers and their subjects here too too.

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