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parts of the drive to Kutaisi passed through excellent greenery

Kutaisi's water fountain was spectacular !!!

there are strong feelings in Georgia

another misinterpretation.....chips and sweet sauce !!!

a club sandwich ? ..... wow !

another great city park ..... with another unusual sculpture

some homes were downright spooky....

..... and neighbourhoods even more-so

that's different....a horse with rider statue

Not long after the near disaster at Poti we headed into extremely heavy rain and were far from relaxed. Road drainage was terrible to the point where water simply pooled in tyre tracks making steering lots of fun. None of this slowed down an amazing number of drivers who made extra lanes where there were none and zig-zagged through traffic without any concerns.

Indicator lights ? ….. what are they ?

We passed by six crashes in a three hour period and some looked to be very bad.

Fortunately much of the drive passed through pretty mountains and tree lined roads, often with a tropical appearance.

Kutaisi was a good choice for an over-nighter but our hotel choice was a dud. It was a shocker and had no resemblance to on-line photographs. We soon found one much better. We slept well.

This was a nice town with plenty of trees and a great central park although the main square fountain was a little odd.

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