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Monday 6 August

Having completed some another trip for fuel and some provisioning we set off in the afternoon for Burano. It was a bit a hard slog as we are pretty certain the growth hasn’t “fallen” off the hull and that the prop is fouled.

On the way we saw a fuelling station – trying to get close to it to see the price we spectacularly ran aground. We weren’t moving. Thankfully two guys in a powerful rib saw our dilemma and got us off the mud/weed. Ever so grateful. Even though it was a rising tide (a couple of feet) we’re sure it wouldn’t helped.

We ended up taking fuel and then anchored off Burano.

Yay!!! we are on our way.

Burano is famous for lace making and the leaning clock tower of their cathedral.

Tuesday 7 August

Just enjoying being at anchor and not in a marina. Catching up on admin etc.

Wednesday 8 August

Waiting for the tide to come in so that we can attempt to go alongside the seawall by the wooden bridge. Mid afternoon we very slowly went through the channel and headed for the seawall. We ran aground and slowly dug a furrow through to ever so slightly deepening water.

Went alongside tying onto piles. Not the greatest of spots as there is a lot of traffic going under the bridge and creating a lot of wash. But we have no choice with the dinghy out of action.

Went ashore and walked around the very colourful Burano. Very nice and very crowded with tourists of all nationalities.

After wandering around and having a late lunch we headed back to the anchorage.

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