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Today was a relaxing day, on this cloudy, rainy day all we had planned for the day was to be done in the afternoon. Being that this was our last day at the villa, we read and relaxed. The nice thing about a timeshare is that we do not have to pack and move every couple of days, and there is no set schedule for the week.

Jean did a load of laundry and after folding our clothes, we packed our luggage. We set-up our small carry-on for the trip home so we would not be carting in the large, heavy luggage. (This is what we did on the trip up.)

We were going to leave at 3:00 to go to a local farm market they have on Thursdays, but we received a severe thunderstorm warning. I tracked it on my I-pad until they had passed. Right around 3:00, the heavens opened up and we had quite the downpour with all of the fireworks.

So, we left at 3:30, now that he sun was out, to go to the farmers market, but only one booth was left. We did not stop. We continued downtown. There was a book sale by the friends of the public library this weekend that began today from 4-7. Since we arrived a little early, we went and found the International Sculpture that was in Ellsworth. It just happened to be near the library. This was entitled "I Want to Ride a Cloud."

We then walked over to the library. It was quite a nice place. They had a nice children's area with among other things, a boat for the children to sit in. There was a separate small sitting room with the YA collection. The book sale was downstairs, and there was a second floor balcony area.

The book sale was small, and we were not the first ones there. It was crowded and tight. I noticed that there was no boxes of extra books under the table. I was able to find some books for the HMS library, and Jean picked up some travel and language books for next year's trip. When I I was ready to go, I found her talking with a woman. Turns out it was the resort's hostess for the breakfast and wine & cheese party who was there and recognized us.

Our plan fell apart at this stage of the game. We were going to stay in Ellsworth because at 7:00 there was to be a Maine St. Andrew's Pipe & Drums Concert on the library lawn. However, when I was reading the library bulletin board, the poster for the concert had a "postponed" label over the time. Well, that was not good.

Then the place downtown which Jean had picked to eat was closed. So, since we didn't need to be downtown anymore, we drove around looking for a place to eat and settled on a chain called Governors Bakery and Restaurant. This place when we walked in reminded me of a Friendly's restaurant layout, but it was not a Friendly's menu.

I had the haddock chowder and a lobster roll (last day in Maine), while Jean had a Memphis BBQ hamburger. It was a decent, serviceable meal. I was going to have the strawberry & blueberry shortcake for dessert, but they were out of the ingredients, including the vanilla ice cream!!! So I ordered a blueberry pie with strawberry ice cream. The waiter came back, very apologetic again to let me know that they were also out of blueberry pie!!! So we skipped dessert.

Jean had gone over to the bakery section before and had mentioned that there was a large cinnamon bun in the case. So, as we walked out I thought I would get the bun for breakfast tomorrow morning, but this was the size of a 45 record, way too large. I did not buy that either.

Afterwards we returned to the villa where I let Jean beat me in Rummy 500 again. Tomorrow is a traveling day.

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