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Zhongshan Park near hotel

Ramada, Zhongshan Park. We're on 14th floor

9 August 2018

The best laid plans don't always work. Thinking an early night would ward off the jet lag was not to be! We both slept well until just after 1am. Had a chat when we realized we were both wide awake, so a cup of tea at 1.30am followed by some reading, and by 3am we were ready to sleep again. It worked well & we slept until 10.15am. Was good to feel almost human again.

The rain did not eventuate today, rather cloudy with a little sunshine now and again, and quite warm, supposedly 31.8d.

We had brunch in our room, and then ventured outside for a look around this area.

Caught the 1pm shuttle to Orchard Road to have a look around. Public holiday here for Singapore's birthday, and there were lots of tourists and locals everywhere. Most shops were open, with owners hoping to make a sale. Did find a pair of half price earrings at Pandora for my birthday present. Even found a McCafe for a toasted sandwich and coffee for a late lunch.

Caught the 3.20pm shuttle back to the hotel to put the feet up.

Called into the "Bread Talk" shop downstairs to get something decadent to have with our cup of tea. Lots of choices, all yummy.

Made enquiries about the celebration show at Marina Bay tonight, but were advised against trying that. Massive crowds and road closures, so we'd probably get lost. Have been enjoying the telecast on TV, they sure know how to put on a spectacle. Very patriotic, and could have given some ideas to our Commonwealth Games organizers!

Went out briefly to the Thai Express restaurant in the mall for dinner, very nice. First time we have had to do our own ordering on an iPad at the table. Feeling smart, did it without any help, and actually got the order right!

Called at the concierge on way back to start getting our next couple of days sorted. We had been trying to call Stefan without success, but the girl helped us do that. Got his message bank, so will see if he calls back.

They actually give us a Handy phone to use while we are here. Unlimited local & overseas calls to landlines for free plus data and apps. Even one if we get lost that will "take me home"!

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