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The sky was solid overcast and the temperature was a bit chilly when I went outdoors this morning at 6:30. I stayed out there until nearly 7:00 and then Marilyn let me know that the coffee was ready but she was staying indoors. No problem at all for me as I joined her indoors.

We finished the coffee and a small breakfast, completed the indoor chores, and went for a walk. The sunshine played hide & seek all day but I grilled the last two of my Prime Rib burgers in spite of the few drops of rain which fell from the clouds overhead.

After lunch Marilyn tried to sit outdoors to read but didn’t stay long, choosing to return indoors to sit with me. She did take enough time to complain that it was “Cold out there.”

As is normal here in the mountains, we had to run the A/C before the day was over. While it was still chilly outdoors we scanned the TV channels and noticed that “The Godfather” was showing so we settled in to watch that fine film we haven’t seen for many years. Of course it took four hours to watch about a two hour movie because of the commercials. We enjoyed it in spite of the interruptions and then enjoyed the delicious meal Marilyn had prepared. Boneless pork ribs in the slow cooker with apples, onions, apple juice, and kraut. Tasty indeed!!!

So another fine day drifts slowly to a close and we are blessed. Life is Good!

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