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Off on the tour

A Viking ship


Double ended ships ride the waves gracefully





A cart

Bow piece


Thor Heyerdahl Kon Tiki Leader

The actual raft



The documentary was filmed with this camera

It won an Oscar in 1947


Thor Heyerdahl at his desk

Easter Island

Trying to find the North Pole.

The FRAM - a special ship built to withstand ice

Sails and a diesel engine - quite an advance for late 1800's

Oak built to live in fast ice

model of the FRAM iced in

Giant Polar Bears!

A three masted schooner


The rigging

Cook in the galley

The Diesel Engine


On our first tour, we had three museums to visit. The first was to the Viking ship museum where unearthed burial vessels were on display. These are real oak ships and are still well preserved. We then traveled a short distance to the Kon Tiki museum.

Kon Tiki was an expedition predicted to be doomed to failure. Thor Heyerdahl 33-year-old leader had no sailing skills and minimal swimming experience besides being severely hydrophobic. He was out to prove that it was possible for people to sail from the west shore of South America to the Polynesian Islands on a balsa log boat. He and four others launched and did prove this hypothesis. The film won the 1947 Oscar for the best documentary film which he made with a Bell & Howell 16mm camera. This type of camera was often used by newsreel film photographers.

The last museum was to the late19th Century rugged oaken boat FRAM. This vessel traveled to both the North and South poles and was build to withstand the rigors of fast ice (where the ship is bound by ice on all sides). We got to visit the ship on all 3 decks and see the way the explorers lived.

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