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This was to be a 130 mile drive to Cavendish PEI, Prince Edward Island. We added about 90 miles diverting to see the “FORCE” project site, (Fundy Ocean Research Project for Energy). They had a small visitors center staffed by a couple of young kids on this Sunday morning who couldn’t tell us much, but it was an interesting stop none the less.

Cape Sharp Tidal Company, (CTS) is a joint venture multi-phased trial project to develop multi-megawatt electrical power as a renewable electrical energy source using the force and flow of the tides to turn electrical turbine generators.

Their first test was a failure when the tidal water current blew the guts out of the huge turbine. The second generation apparently produced power for some time, a couple of years? The third trial is a huge turbine generator approx. 50ft in diameter, that was recently lowered into place. It weighs in the order of 130 tons including it’s base structure. The output is brought ashore through undersea cables at 36,000 volts and is tied into the power grid at a nearby substation. They are currently only allowed to provide enough power to supply a few thousand homes due to politics controlling the electrical power system. They will have a much greater capacity in the future.

It appears, from our visit, that there have been several other failed designs and attempts in the past. The Fundy tides are powerful things.

We breifl passed through the southeast corner of New Brunswick from Nova Scotia on TCH1, Trans Canada Highway 1, before crossing over the “Confederation Bridge” to enter PEI. This most impressive bridge, at eight miles in length, is one of the worlds longest bridges and is the longest bridge over ice covered waters. The average height is 40meters above the water and 60meters at the navigation span where shipping passes beneath. It took approx. 4yrs to build and was completed May 31, 1997. It should be here for about 100yrs so you still have time to come see it.

The bridge is a toll bridge and is owned and operated by a private company, Strait Crossing Bridge, Ltd. It costs us $63.00 to cross in the motorhome towing our car, $47.00 just for a passenger car.

We arrived at Cavendish in time for another lobster buffet supper and overate again!

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