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Ferry to Gotland

Day 18 Sunday 18 August "Panic in Gotland"

Sweden - Visby

Sitting here in my room in Visby. Ceiling fan whirring around and noisy radiator nearby. Ive just had a flash to the future, thinking I should feel OK at the moment cos Im travelling and dont know what to expect tomorrow or next day. Im creating history here, for you whoever you are to read this back on, for me this is a blank page with the first 3/4 lines written on. In 10 minutes they will cease to be blank for ever!

Today very dull day travelling. Checked out of hotel at 10 or 11.

Train to Nynäshamn, local train, lugged heavy bag onto it. It took over an hour to get to the port, where boats leave for Riga & Gdansk too. I found that Nynäshamn, the boat wasnt going to leave until 6 and takes 5 hours slow ferry, 3 hours fast. The fast catamaran had broken so I had to do the slow one :-(

@ - email I had 4 - 5 hours to waste in this town that had very little going for it. In tourist information the girl let me use her computer. I was on for over an hour. I said is there an internet cafe sonewhere and the old answer came back - no but you can use mine. I sent lots and 4 to Marcus. We were almost talking live! He was on while I was on - and off to get a video out, the cats keep leaving voles.

Church & Lookout. I visited the town church, walked down to the sea, had a fag, watched the boats create big waves as they passed, then found a water tower I could go up, was very spooky, you had to unlock it yourself and put the lights on.

Destination Gotland. Got back to port - now full of people, got my big bag back then boat left at 7. It was huge, had 3 or 4 restaurants, an art gallery, Cinema showing Spiderman and a sweet area for people with animals. It was like a vet waiting room. The sunset looked nice. I had a shrimp sandwich bought some batteries then sat near the kids creche area listening to Brainstorm.

Midnight arrival. Got to Gotland and nightmare - nowhere to stay. I passed various hotels and asked lots of people. Nearly all receptions were shut with noone at the desk. A few hotels I could get into the lobby so I got a map, had a rest then carried on. Finally found Hotel Gute (a type of sheep) 900sek nightmare but Im here so thats good.

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