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Ducks Unlimited Trail

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"Water Stone" Granite Statue

Farmers Market

Today we are on our own, no more set schedule. We went down to breakfast at the B&B and it was really something. First they had a serve yourself section for cereal, yogurt, juice, coffee, tea, cinnamon buns, bread, etc. On top of that, they served us a French toast sandwich (reminded me of a monte cristo sandwich) and a hash brown patty.

A couple from Montreal sat with us and we talked about our travels when they inquired. When we mentioned that we had traveled to St. Pierre, they were very interested and asked a slew of questions. We excused ourselves and returned to our room to relax and read until 10:00.

Our goal today is Ellsworth, Maine where we will be staying a week in our traded timeshare. Leaving St. John, we journeyed down to St. George where Jean wanted to see the Ducks Unlimited Marsh Trail and also find one of the statues on the International Sculpture Trail listing. This is a listing of granite sculptures found in New Brunswick, Canada (22) and in Maine (34) created at symposiums of Sculpture Saint John and Schoodic International Sculpture Symposium over the past decade..

As we drove through the village of St. George, we realized that we had been there on our way up to see the covered bridge on the outskirts of the village. We parked at the Granite Town Farms store where there was a small information counter and gift shop.

Then we walked behind the store and began hiking the trail for a distance, looking at the marsh with the beautiful flowers and birds. We turned around once we reached the Trans Canada overpass and returned to the car. It was very hot, sunny day to be hiking. We both got sunburn.

On the way out of St. George, we drove over to the Post Office to see the "Water Stone" sculpture before heading down the highway to St. Stephen, which is where one of the border crossings is located. We were looking for another sculpture along the waterfront when we stumbled across a farmers market that is held every Friday. It was located where the sculpture "Time and Universe" was located.

We had $10.00 CD left and Jean wanted to spend it before crossing the border. What a perfect place! There were produce, crafts and food stands at the market. She found padded cloth holders to use in the microwave. You place you plate, dish or bowl on the holder, and when the microwave is done, you can pick-up the padded cloth (because it isn't hot) and safely remove the hot plate, bowl, etc. Well, the large one was $9.00 CD and the small one $6.00 CD, but Jean only had $10 CD. So I asked, since we were right across the border, if he would accept US dollars. He agreed, so I gave him $15.00 US and he gave me back $3.00 CD.

Jean then bought some cookies for $3.00 CD and a large lemonade for $6.00 using the $10.00 CD. We still had $4.00 CD left, so I went over to a booth that was selling Canadian coins and used up the rest of the money buying some uncirculated pennies. (FYI: Canada stopped making pennies in 2012, so you can't find them being circulated anymore.)

We hit the US border and gained an hour as we passed from Atlantic time back to Eastern Daylight Savings, and I reset the odometer to read miles instead of kilometers. (What a lifesaver when everything went digital.) At the border crossing, when the female border officer asked us where were from, she said she had lived in Medford growing up - small world.

Back in Cali's, ME we stopped at the used bookstore that was closed when we were there three weeks ago. Jean found a Spyder Robinson book among the very, very cluttered store. Books all over the floor, piles falling over, piles you had to step over, multiple tripping hazards - don't light a match.

So we walk back to the car to drop off the book before heading to the bakery further down the street. And, there a gentleman waiting for his wife along the sidewalk and asks in what town in Jersey do we live. Come to find out, he had parked behind our car along the street. He lives in Cape May and used to work for the NJ Department of Education. He is now retired and they live on Campobello Island in Canada. They had come to visit the Roosevelt summer cottage and fell in love with the island. He visited a realtor on the island that day and asked for a inexpensive fixer upper and bought one for $40,000 on the waterfront and began fixing it up. They now live up in Canada during the busy tourist season in Cape May and return to Cape May in September for the winter.

We took Route One South along the coast, it was slow at times because of multiple construction projects that forced traffic to one lane. This was along the . Coast Highway section of Route 1. Jean stopped in ? for a WC at an information place and we switched drivers. I drove us to the Acadia Village Resort in Ellsworth, arriving about 3:40. Check in was at 4:00, but our unit was done and available. Yeah!

We have 1/2 a villa that sleeps 4 in one bedroom with a queen mattress, and a queen sleeper sofa. The villa also has a kitchenette. It is nice and roomy for the two of us and we will be calling it home for a week. The first thing we did was unpack everything from the car.

Then we went out to dinner at Helen's restaurant nearby. It was diner-like, Jean ordered fried chicken and I had a combo meat platter (small streak, shrimp, and ribs). It was too much food, but that was ok, because we could take a doggie bag back to the villa since we had a refrigerator in which to place the food.

Before returning to the villa, we stopped at the local Walmart for a grocery run to have food for breakfast during the week and some personal items we needed to restock after 3 weeks.

Back at the villa, we watched TV, did a load of laundry, and purged our bags of unwanted flyers, booklets, etc. The washer/dryer is in the connecting hall between the units. We could of done more into the late evening, but we have neighbors from Connecticut in the adjoining 1/2 villa and didn't want to disturb them. Besides we have all week to catch up with laundry.

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