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Beautiful freshly picked strawberries

Sour cherries

The Peace River from the Shaftsbury Ferry

The funny little ferry was a tug-boat pushing a barge which had...

This morning I woke up to thick fog but, as usual by 10:00 am it had burned off for a beautiful day.

There’s a drive along the river called the Shaftsbury Trail which I needed to do before I leave here. It’s a lovely drive through very fertile country, ending at the little Shaftsbury Ferry.

There were also several historic monuments along the trail because the area was first settled along the riverbank, initially by an Anglican mission in the late 19th century. Sadly, most of the monuments were just signs with the buildings long gone.

There was one church which survives but it’s on government land belonging to the Peace River Correctional Facility. There were big signs saying Keep Out which I thought I’d better obey so I didn’t get to see the church which was hidden behind a grove of trees.

Another interesting place was a cairn marking the location of Fort Fork where the explorer Alexander Mackenzie stayed over the winter of 1792-93 then he set out from here to find a route to the Pacific which he reached at Bella Coola in July 1793. He was the first European to cross North America north of Mexico, 12 years before Lewis & Clark.

I parked the motorhome & went on the ferry across the river, just for the ride. One of the ladies on the ferry runs the strawberry farm just down the road & she had a box of freshly picked berries which I was invited to sample. She also showed me some sour cherries, smaller than a normal cherry, quite sour but not unpleasant. She said they’re great soaked in vodka for a couple of months.

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