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Ohio - yard sales

Roadside flea markets Ohio

Most interesting find - Halloween cooky cutters

Mett Dog

Vic Cassano's

2 Pizza Pies!

Kim and Gene - a little pooped, a little hungry

Antique Mall - Centerville IN

Gene's dream machine


Day 5 – Ohio

Well, we added two scouts to our team of treasure hunting professionals – Kim’s sister Jackie and her brother-in-law Jeff. We started out just north of Cincinnati and went all the way north to I-70. In addition, on the way back to Carmel, IN, we stopped at Centerville Antique Mall to fill the car up the rest of the way. We filled 4 tubs and a box. It was HOT, HOT, HOT!!! The shopping was good and the streets were lined with house sales and mini flea markets. We loved Mt. Healthy and really got lucky at a basement thrift store. Our most interesting find of the day was: Halloween “cooky” cutters. Our best treasure was: the Oh Nuts Game. Other purchases included: 10 games, Large Corning Ware stovetopper, Avon collectible bottles, McDonald’s glasses, tons of Disney glasses, vintage Halloween cooky cutters, 3 Coca-Cola glasses, 15 Libbey Apollo glasses, Fisher Nut AF mug, Avon powder tin, Anchor Hocking polka dot iced tea glasses, vintage cookbooks, petite Corning Ware dishes with lids, vintage Skippy Peanut Butter jar, large Avon Stein car racing, vintage egg beater, Wilton cake pan, Coca-Cola puzzle.

Our food had a little less sugar in it today!!! I really crashed and burned last night. First breakfast – fruit and cinnamon rolls; second breakfast – egg McMuffins; lunch – bratwurst and a METT DOG; supper – Vic Cassano’s pizza in Eaton – YUMMY!!! We didn’t know what a Mett Dog was, but we received a come-uppance in the form of a free one (our favorite price). Mett is short for Mettwurst, a German smoked pork sausage. We had the “hot Mett” - it is a sausage with jalapeno pepper pieces and cheese chunks. As soon as I finish this blog, I am going to have a hot bourbon brownie with cold ice cream.

Today, I kept seeing “sukup” on the sides of silos here in Indiana. I thought these signs were a Mike Pence political announcement that was misspelled. But, Sukup actually is the manufacturer of the grain silos you see all along the road.

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