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4 August 2018

Time for our next move on. Enjoyed a lovely casual dinner together last night before saying our goodbyes. It has been a good week with such a small group. Elizabeth caught up with some friends last night, but we managed to see her at breakfast this morning.

Breakfast over, packing done and we set off to pick up the hire car. Not without some trepidation we might add, as driving in Oslo is becoming more difficult with their new rules.

The car has an inbuilt GPS, and "she" expertly guided us out onto the freeway, and after a little while we both started to relax and enjoy the drive. Had a short break along the way and Don coped really well with the "wrong" side of the road. The drive is very scenic through little villages, farm areas and lakes. No problems with heavy traffic areas which was good.

New road works stretch for many many kilometers. Lillehammer is a quaint town, not real big, and we found our hotel easily. Had more problems getting sorted with the car park, but now have that under control.

The hotel is good and at the end of the "walk street". After getting sorted in our room, we headed "downtown" and enjoyed poking in and out of shops, as well as a late lunch, and a visit to the information centre.

The hotel puts on a complimentary light dinner which we were not expecting. Enjoyed a variety of salads, lovely fresh bread, jacket potatoes and chicken legs. A lovely addition for us! Had a stroll back down the street after dinner when it was much quieter, shops were closed except for the cafes and pubs, and it seems not many open on Sundays.

Back to our room for a quiet night, which is much appreciated.

No photos today, will venture out more tomorrow.

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