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Gustav Vigeland

Cranky boy sculpture

Father and children sculpture

Amazing monolith

Girls only sculpture, with the little girl making sure the little boy...

Viking boat

Inside City Hall

View out to pier from City Hall

Our hotel in Oslo

3 August 2018

We really crashed and got a surprise to find we slept in until 7.45am. After breakfast we joined our city tour guide and driver for a three hour look around Oslo.

After a drive around the city area, we stopped at Vigeland's park. What an experience strolling through this park which was the vision of Gustav Vigeland (1869-1943) and hearing all about his sculptures. There are 57 on the bridge through the park, but the amazing piece is the monolith with 121 figures intertwined. Gustav made a plaster cast of his monolith vision, and it took 3 men 40 years to copy his cast. One is allowed to touch the sculptures, and the detail feels so real, such a talent. These sculptures are so lifelike, and all naked!! There are lots of naked statues in Oslo.

We then headed to the Viking Museum, and once again, a very interesting place. We now know so much more about the history of Oslo and Norway.

The coach dropped us off back in the city area where Inger gave us lots of suggestions and we all went our separate ways. Most headed straight for some lunch, which we enjoyed siting in the park. A few were off to the museum, but we headed for the City Hall tour. This has been done exceptionally well depicting the history of Norway in paintings. Today was a "wedding day", so lots of small wedding parties heading through City Hall. They have three days a week for weddings, and each one is given 10 minutes for the ceremony!! Quite fascinating to watch them all come and go, get a quick photo afterwards and then they're gone. Some are in national costume, but most just in white lacy dresses or something similar.

We then paid a visit to the Nobel Peace Building. Thought we might find something there on a friend of Don's who was awarded a Science Nobel prize a few years ago, but anything that relates to that is in Stockholm.

Next challenge was to look for Avis Car Rentals, which proved a real challenge! We had a map and address, but were given a few wrong turns from different people, but we eventually found it after walking much further than was needed. It was all worthwhile as we were able to sort out what we need to do tomorrow morning, and got answers to all our questions. Seems like it should be relatively easy to get out of town. The actual town area is becoming a "no car" area and could be quite tricky, but we will be well away from having to worry about any of those roads.

Pleased to get back to hotel for a shower and to put the feet up for a while.

Inger has organised a table for dinner tonight, as everyone will scatter different ways tomorrow. Think this is the first organised tour for us where there has not been a welcoming dinner or a farewell dinner. Anyway, we have arranged our own!

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