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St. Michaels

Today I opened the blinds to see fog again. Welcome back to Halifax.

We went down at 8:30 to the last buffet breakfast on this trip. The maitre d' saw my "Property of U.S.S. Enterprise" polo shirt and commented "Nice shirt" for which I thanked him. He showed us to the tour group section to our seats. We encountered others from our trip who had not yet departed and exchanged greetings and good wishes. As I was getting my breakfast from the buffet, one of the wait staff restocking the buffet also commented on my shirt. I laughed.

Then, as we were leaving, I encountered the same waiter and we talked about which series we each liked best, where were we from, etc. Turns out he was originally from Baddeck on Cape Breton (where we had just been yesterday) and had moved to Halifax some years ago. (He liked Deep Space 9 series the best.)

I had arranged a limo service to pick us up at 10:00, so we went down at 9:45 because any good limo driver arrives early, and indeed, our driver Paul was in the lobby. We saw Don and his wife and a couple of others from the trip waiting for their pickup and said our goodbyes.

The limo ride was smooth and friendly, and we arrived at the airport quickly. We walked over to the Park and Fly van for our ride to our car. And, by 11:00 we were on the road to St. John. The weather had been overcast, and we would run into light rain on and off, plus it was very windy.

We stopped at the information center at the New Brunswick border to switch drivers. We decided since we had gone through the Bay of Fundy NP and walked among the Hopewell Rocks, we would not take the Bay of Fundy trail at that point, but catch it further down the road near Sussex and drive down to see St. Michaels. We took Route 111 which was a two lane, winding road through beautiful countryside of lakes and mountains.

St. Michaels is a small former shipbuilding village that has twin covered bridges. Each covered bridge has one lane for cars, and one lane built on the side for pedestrians. The visitor's center for the village was a former lighthouse. We climbed up two floors on wooden steep stairs to the top for a 360 view. You had to climb back down backwards to be safe.

Getting back in the car, we switched drivers for the last leg of the trip. The road from St. Michaels to St. John was a lot smoother and less of a winding road. We arrived at Homeport B&B in St. John about 5:00.

For dinner, we drove downtown where I dropped Jean off to go get Beavertail hot dogs and dessert. I drove around the city for about 10 minutes while the order cooked before I returned to pickup Jean. She was a little sad because the deep fryer wasn't working so she was unable to get the Beavertail dessert, but was able to get the hot dogs and poutine. We drove back and ate in the room. A little later we went out to Dairy Queen for Blizzards for our dessert.

We just relaxed and enjoyed the evening playing Battleship, Hearts, watching TV and reading.

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