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Marilyn & I were up early this morning and were outdoors when Bob walked up to sit with us for a while. He, Janet, and the grandkids were leaving today and we hate to see them go. Bob visited with us while the rest of his family slept a bit longer but too soon it was time for him to begin the process of getting things ready for the road.

Feeling some sadness we exchanged hugs with our friends and then watched as they pulled out of their space and headed toward New Mexico to spend the night.

Once Bob & Janet had vacated their site it was time for Eddie & Jan to move from the site in front of us to the site just one terrace below us.

Marilyn & I shared a bite of lunch and then sat outdoors again. Eddie & Jan walked up to sit with us for a while and Eddie decided to join me for a drive to Canon City to pick up a part for my RV. We then drove farther west and found the "Papa Murphy's" place where he picked up a pizza to take home.

As we drove toward the RV Park we noticed darkening clouds ahead of us and expected to run into rain. However the rain stayed away and we gathered once again, this time at Mike & Marian's where we were joined by Harvey & Gayle for snacks and fun.

Once again however, we were driven indoors by light rain, thunder, and lightning.

So now Marilyn & I are relaxing while watching some TV and smile in agreement when we hear the phrase "Life is Good".

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