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View from our room balcony

Looking over fjord from ferry to our hotel

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Nigardsbreen Glacier

Made it this far!!

A beautiful sight and many energetic climbers

Suspension bridge

Meagan on bridge

Our hotel

1 August 2018

It's Glacier Day and we are blessed that the weather forecast is correct, and a beautiful day greets us. Apparently it poured raining through the night, Don heard it, but Pam will have to believe everyone else!

We set off at 8.30am in the bus to catch the vehicle ferry over the fjord and after a two and a half hour drive, arrived at Nigardsbreen glacier. We had time to have a look around before we were served lunch! A big bowl of sweet potato and carrot soup which was delicious before a big plate of salmon and veges was put in front of us!! Don't think anyone could finish it, although we gave it our best shot!

Back in the bus for the drive to the glacier car park which was absolutely packed. A short ferry ride with chunks of ice smacking into our little vessel took us to the start of the walk. Hope the photos can do some justice to this glacier. We were thinking back to Canada and the Athabasca glacier, but this was so different, really spectacular!

Started our walk, and if we thought we were mountain goats in Switzerland, this was another challenge, although we haven't been able to come up with a name for it yet.

A couple of our group, Jane who has MS and 81 year old Susan decided they would not venture too far and were happy to sit and soak it all in. We plodded on, with Rosemary, Barbara, Elizabeth and Inger striding out!! Lucky for Pam that Meagan (Sue's daughter) came along, and as she is used to helping her Mum, took me under her wing which saved Don a lot of work. Lots of rock hopping etc and after we climbed a steep part with the aid of a rope, Meagan said she was not going right up to the glacier, but heading over to a bridge. We had decided we had gone far enough, but next thing, Meagan was back, and with her help, we made it to the bridge, so pleased we did!! Must admit she only had to help Pam up and down, Don was fine on his own.

The walk back to the ferry seemed shorter (thank goodness) and everyone was back on the ferry in one piece. All took a vote and decided we'd had enough for the day, and were happy to head straight back to the hotel.

The trip back was a bit strained as Barbara was getting calls from family that her husband was not very well and although he was in hospital, it seemed things were quite serious. Made it hard for Inger, and by the time we arrived back, the decision had been made for Barbara to leave and head home. Anyway, all got sorted in the end and hopefully the news when she gets back to Chicago will be better than expected.

The rest of us settled in one of the amazing sitting rooms here and chatted until dinner time. Why we would line up for another meal is questionable, but we did!!

Had a short walk around the grounds before heading to our room for a good rest.

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