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plenty of agriculture and a great road on the way to Bursa

Canakkale was a nice town

the wooden horse used in the movie 'Troy' looked great

some beach areas along the Bosphorus were not overly inviting

our Bursa hotel was a gem

foot baths and mosques dominate Turkey

We took the longer way to our next stop-over in Bursa so that we could visit Canakkale and then travel along the Dardanelles opposite Gallipoli. The road was brilliant and the traffic minor for most of the way.

Canakkale was quite a pretty town especially around the waterfront which had wide open pedestrian plazas and wall-to-wall eateries and coffee shops.

The wooden horse used in the film 'Troy' sat proudly in the main plaza and its size and detail was incredible. We were impressed.

The road remained brilliant for the onward run which mainly followed the Dardanelles then the Sea of Marmara. At a suitable point we diverted off the highway to explore what looked to be a great beach area. Unfortunately it wasn't the most inviting so we resumed our drive.

We chose Bursa for our final nights in Turkey which allowed us plenty of time to continue on to Istanbul airport for our evening flight to Georgia.

Bursa was the first capital as well as the spiritual capital of the old Ottoman Empire and contained a number of historic sites relating to the Islamic faith.

It was a big bustling place but our hotel sat high on a hill overlooking the chaos below so we were ecstatic. The hotel was small and inside a 500 year old Ottoman building with nice garden and terrace areas which really made our final nights in Turkey especially memorable.

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