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Feeling fine this morning, I fixed the coffee before going outdoors. A temperature of 45 degrees greeted me and I could easily see my breath as I arranged the chairs under our 10' x 10' tent shelter. I then returned indoors to grab a cup of coffee and took it back outdoors to sit in the early morning stillness.

The sky was absolutely clear as the sun peeked over the mountain promising warmth and releasing the scent of pine trees. A young deer stared at me from the road beside our RV.

I sat in awe of the wonder God has blessed me with and silently thanked him for the awesome gift of another beautiful morning here in the mountains.

I heard a door close followed by a car engine starting and a few moments later a runner jogged by. I realized that the world around me was waking and the day was beginning.

About that time Marilyn came out to join me with her own cup of coffee.

We sat together sipping our coffee and talking quietly about our future goals. We have contacted a real estate agent back in Missouri and will continue our research into property available in the area around our family. So my early morning reverie slowly faded as the day and its activities became the focus.

Friends Bob & Janet are leaving tomorrow which is also the birthday of another friend, Eddie. That calls for a festivity of course so the group of good friends gathered at a fine German Restaurant for lunch together. This event was a lot of fun as the conversation and laughter continued to flow easily until we parted company with our friends.

Oh I have to relate this funny thing which happened after we were home. Marilyn & I sat together just relaxing and as we enjoyed the lazy afternoon my phone rang. I noticed that it was from an unknown number so I answered it anyway. A voice speaking in very broken english said something like " I am from the pc refund department." and before he could say any more I interjected with "I'll bet you want access to my computer so that you can refund a lot of money to me." A stunned voice replied " How deed you know Dat?" and I answered back in a loud voice "Because you keep trying to scam me! Now get off my phone!!"

It was fun and hilarious and well worth my time thank you.

Life is Good!

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