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Us on Bucharest Parliment Balcony

Size of Parliment

Paintings on the outside of the Peles Castle

Armour worn to fight. Weighs 120kls

Peles Castle in the mountains

Dear all,

Well hear we are again. Life is very busy. We will need to have a holiday on our return . This is a trip not a holiday, but we are having a great time and seeing a new world. The countries we are visiting have been all under Communist rule since World War 1 and revolutions deposed the party and the dictator leader. For Bucharest it was in 1989. The Parliment where we were was built bigger than the Pentagon and has floors down into the earth as well as 10 floors above the ground.

The Peles castle was very dark wood but the craftsmenship was very detailed.

Will move on as I am hoping to get a few catch up done as I am now one week behind.

Kind regards,

Paul and Dianne

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