Larry & Cheryl's 2018 Travels travel blog

Fort Stockton to Las Cruces

It started out rainy.....

and the rain got heavier

Driving under a dark sky

The sun broke through in spots

The sun is shining on a white area

We see some white spots all around

I wonder what this place is in the middle of nowhere

A Talc Factory - well, now the white spots make sense

Strange shaped house out in the desert

Red earth starting to show

Driving through El Paso

Zaragosa International Bridge to Mexico

Western flavor everywhere

It says..."The Bible is the Truth" on the Mexico hill

University of Texas El Paso

International flags near the border

Leaving Texas

Welcome to New Mexico

Pecan Orchards in Las Cruces

Stopping for the night in Las Cruces again

We were up early today so we could try the “Famous Breakfasts" in the café connected to the RV park. Simple, inexpensive and tasty food, and very popular with the local folks.

As we drove along Interstate 10, I kept seeing white spots out in the desert, and even saw them on my Google Maps app on my phone in Terrain Mode. I finally found out that they were Ceramic Talc Mineral deposits, and we passed by a Talc Factory. It is used in Ceramics, Plastics, Agriculture, Roofing, Paints and Coatings. Talc an excellent filler for wallboard joint compounds as it provides a good body, a smooth surface, and improves the wallboard life and paint-ability. Talc is a good material to use in the coating for welding rods. Talc is well suited as an additive in dry powder fire extinguishers. This plant does not produce or sell pharmaceutical, cosmetic, or food grade talc products.

Our drive started out cool, cloudy & drizzly for the first half of morning, but it became sunny by El Paso. I got a photo of the Zaragosa International Bridge that connects El Paso with Ciudad Juarez across the Rio Grande River at the closest spot to the border.

We stopped for diesel before arriving at Las Cruces Coach Light Hotel & RV, so we didn’t have to think about it in the morning. After setting up we went to lunch in the hotel café “Pit Stop”. We had relief from the past few days of heat as today’s temps are finally in the low 70's.

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