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Cape Bonavista Lighthouse

Old Lighthouse Mechanism

mel rewinding light

puffins upclose

puffins in flight

one puffin

john cabot memorial

Puffins and Whales, Museums and Root Cellars were highlights of our stop on the Bonavista Peninsula.

At the Cape Bonavista Lighthouse we could look across a narrow gap to see Puffins nesting on a rocky rookery and watch them fly, dive and “fly” underwater in the clear shallow waters below. A few of the birds landed and walked to within about 10ft of where we stood or sat.

The light house and museum were very interesting with the original seal oil fueled lamp lighted mechanism with polished catoptic copper reflectors still intact. The light house keeper had to wind the mechanism every two hours with it operating much like a pendulum clock but with a 33ft pendulum rope and 80LB weight hanging down thru the stone tower.

Nearby is the John Cabot Statue. John Cabot is credited with naming Bonavista, meaning “Oh Happy Sight” in 1497.

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