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View over Bergen

Funicular on climb up Mt Floyen

Different view over Bergen

Don getting a better shot!

Waterfall near mall where kids love to climb

More lovely summer flowers

Fountain near Mall

28 July 2018

A good night's rest even though it was quite warm and we couldn't seem to get the AC sorted. A small fan in the room kept overheating and turning off, so decided our only option was to open the window and hope it wasn't too noisy.

Even though we are on the sixth floor, the noise from the cars driving over the cobblestones is quite loud. Surprised ourselves by sleeping well.

Had a late breakfast (might go earlier tomorrow to avoid the crowd). Took a bit of sorting out with plates, food etc after we found a table, but we are "with it" now and will manage better for the rest of our stay. Called at reception after breakfast and they confirmed there is no AC, picked up some more towels to help with the "flooding" on the bathroom floor after showering, and also got another fan. The girl came up with some drain clean, but so far, that hasn't made any difference, so will make good use of the extra towels.

Headed off downtown and made the first stop the information centre. It was so packed, take a number that relates to your questions, and wait!! We also took a second number to ask about money exchange, which proved good for us as the young man was able to help us with everything we needed at that point.

Set off for a walk through the fish markets and then to head to the Floibanen funicular which takes you to the top of Mount Floyen with a view over Bergen. Having got our tickets from the info Centre allowed us a fast entry, the funicular arrived down, on we get, and then wait & wait while the female driver spends a long time on the phone and another employee comes to join in. Eventually they announce there is a technical problem (reminds us of another time in Leysin a few years ago). We can choose to get off or just wait on board. As they cannot say how long the problem will take to fix, we decide to evacuate!! As we had validated our tickets, Don joined the queue to get new ones, and then we set off back down town to browse through the shops at Bryggen.

Eventually stopped for some lunch, which proved a bonus as we were sitting near an American couple (Myra and Matt), and the conversation flowed for the next hour. Myra and Pam have now learnt the proper toilet signage, got a fright as we left the "ladies" to pass a man coming in!! We had wondered about the layout inside, ho,hum!! He paused to explain things to us, and did admit that it is confusing, but once we checked the "diagram" on the second door, we realized our mistake. Said our goodbyes after that, they are off on a seven night cruise to the north tonight.

Back to the funicular, all in working order again, and made it to the top of the mountain. A fantastic view over Bergen, and quite surprised to see how big the city is. Spent a long time up there soaking it in. It is very well laid out for families with playgrounds etc and of course, a cafe, restaurant and souvenir shop.

Back down again and walked through the city mall/square, into another huge area with a waterfall, fountains and gardens. Very spacious and well done. Back up to the mall area where we sat with a cool drink listening to some very talented musical buskers.

Time to head back to the hotel to put the tired feet up for a while before heading out again for a bite to eat. Sat in the shade at the wharf and watched the comings and goings on the water.

Back to the hotel after a very pleasant day. Tomorrow is supposed to be much cooler. Showers were predicted, but that seems to have changed again.

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