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Cruise ships at Bergen

Down town Bergen

27 July 2018

Alarm set for 5.30am and we all struggled to our feet. No one complaining, but think we all felt the same tired feeling.

Regi would NOT hear of Trudie missing the airport farewell, so at 7am and all packed into the car, we set off for Zurich airport and an hour's drive. No traffic hold ups at that hour, and it was a good drive with no problems finding where we had to be.

The checkin queue was short too, so after we were rid of our bags, we all had "breakfast" together.

Could not delay the inevitable, and Trudie thought it best to get it over and done with. Hopefully everyone around us thought that Trudie and Pam were laughing as they hugged and did not want to let go! Then through the turnstile, and off we went.

We wandered around the shops for a little bit until our gate number was finally displayed.

Both flights Zurich/Oslo and Oslo/Bergen were on time, and the flights very comfortable. The view as we arrived was great, especially looking down over Bergen.

We followed the signs for "information" at the airport, but haven't found the desk yet. Decided to just catch a cab and save any hassles. It was 20 minutes to our hotel, and the driver was very good with information about places, shops etc. Gave us the good news that Bergen receives rain for 280 days in a year because of the mountains. Lucky we had a fine sunny day on arrival.

After checkin, we went for a stroll close by, both feeling too tired to get adventurous. Will do that tomorrow. Had a quick bite to eat and then back to our room to put the feet up.

The moon eclipse is scheduled for around 10.20pm, but not sure that we will see that.

Looking forward to a good night's sleep.

Auf wiedersehen Liebe Freunde

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