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Another view of house

Party time

More decorations

Yummy hors d'oeuvres

BBQ under way

Some of the guests

Birthday cake

26 July 2018

Another day to celebrate as it is Regi's birthday.

We greeted her in her "outside" bedroom as we all sang Happy Birthday, before enjoying our usual outdoor breakfast. A nice relaxed morning, then Regi and Trudie made out a shopping list and the girls set off for Aldi.

Regi has friends coming for a BBQ dinner for her birthday, so after the shopping expedition, Regi and Trudie were very busy in the kitchen and Pam helped where possible. Marcel and Don were in charge of the outside decorations. Regi is a clone of her mother, and can just whip up a feast from whatever she has in the kitchen, including making her own delicious birthday cake.

With the food prepared, we were able to sit outside for a while and relax before the guests started arriving at 6pm. We might add that the hors d'oeuvres were made by Don & Pam, courtesy of Regi's culinary skills. Don was also the BBQ chef, which pleased Regi.

It was lovely to meet some of Regi's friends, as well as two different neighbours. Elvin and Sonia who own where Regi lives are a delightful couple, Elvin in his 80's and Sonia turning 80 this year. We had the pleasure of Sonia giving us a guided tour of their house upstairs, and all one can say is "breathtaking". We saw a photo of the original cow barn, and then some photos of the remodeling in progress. The other neighbour who has the farm next door could not stay for the BBQ, as the milking chores cannot be delayed!!

A most enjoyable night, with Alvin and his delightful voice bursting forth into songs at times. We could only hum along, and have no idea what they were singing (Swiss style). We could however join in for Happy birthday".

Needless to say we had a very late night after cleaning up and then organising our packing ready for an early start in the morning. It was so good to see Regi thoroughly enjoying her birthday with everyone.

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