On our way north, I-83 to Pennsylvania we cross the state line

We arrive at our destination and find a nice space

Entry into the park, guarded by a ranger

We need the extra shade cloth for the patio, it’s warm here...

An active park with lots of activities for families of all ages

We really enjoy petting and feeding the farm animals.

Turkeys are fun and cute to watch

Goats are often hilarious

Then there are the Llamas

And the baby goats

Darling, aren’t they!

We had a nice 120 mile drive to get from Andrews AFB to here crossing into Pennsylvania.

We like this park, Thousand Trails Gettysburg for the amenities and farm animals not to mention it’s proxim to York, Lancaster, and Gettysburg for things to do!

We had 11 inches of rain in the last several days. The lower part of the park flooded, requiring about 20 campers to have to hitch up quickly to get out of danger.

We haven’t scheduled much for this visit and will keep you posted.

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