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Fethiye had a great marina .....

..... with lots of gorgeous yachts ....

..... and very clean

the political history of Kayakoy after the Greco-Turkish War is a sad...

Turkey's 'Turquoise Coast' looks stunning.....

..... so too a Turkish version of a cappuccino !!!

excavations continue on ancient Tlos .....

......a Lycian city from the 14th C BC

..... its cliff face tombs .....

..... and alleyways were interesting

the valley view from Tlos was spectacular

bazaars were always colourful

Temperatures as low as 21C made a good drive to Fethiye even better but nearer the Mediterranean it warmed to 33C. Fortunately our hotel had a nice pool which we were into without much delay.

The marina area was very tourist oriented and had many really gorgeous twin masted yachts just waiting to take full advantage of the crowds moving around.

The main reason for us being in that area was to explore the politically deserted town of Kayakoy. The original Greek inhabitants were deported in the early 1920's in the aftermath of the Greco-Turkish War and replaced with Turks. They were unable to keep the 200 year artisan history going and gradually abandoned the hillside properties. Thieves and nature then took over.

A much more interesting site was the ruins of the ancient city of Tlos. Although still being excavated the cliff tombs, theatre, stadium and alleyways were great to explore.

Originally a Lycian city it dates back to the 14th C BC and had been occupied by both the Persian and Roman Empires during it's turbulent history.

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