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Black spider monkey






Local lizard

Ant Eater



SmallJaguar - Martinay

Harpy eagle


"Rust and Work" village

Song birds everywhere




Frigate bird

The full moon

A free day! We stayed in bed quite late – until 8:00! We had nothing planned but figured we’d let the day work itself out, so we headed down to breakfast.

There was a tour agent at the breakfast area and we chatted with him about what was available and signed up for a sunset dolphin spotting tour for 4:00. Then we sat down to a nice breakfast and a Kisskidy flew down and tried to take Kitty’s omelet! Over breakfast we planned the rest of the day. We decided, as we didn’t see many animals in the wild due to the rainy season that we’d go to the zoo.

Back to the room to gather things we’d need, then we called a taxi and drove off to the Paramaribo Zoo. Taxis are quite inexpensive with the 10 km drive costing $5.00! The zoo itself was quite small and compact and pretty empty of people except for a school group.

Anyway, we walked around and saw quite a few animals. First were some black spider monkeys walking across a rope with their tails used as their main support. Then some farm animals and some snakes (poorly lighted). Then off to look at mammals of which there were quite a few. Peccary, Agouti, Tapir, plus several wild cats including a jaguar, and, amazingly enough, a white tailed deer.

Also many birds – macaws, cranes, pigeons(!), cranes, and a harpy eagle. There were also several caimans, some giant tortoises, and a red-eared slider from the southern US along with an American Alligator. All in all quite a nicely kept place and the animals seemed to be well cared for.

We then got a cab back into town to go to ReadyTex – the only souvenir store we had seen the whole trip! We bought lots of loot for ourselves and others. Most of the stuff was made locally but there were also items clearly made in other countries, like China. The shopping took over an hour, then a taxi back to the hotel and a nice lunch, then we took a break for an hour then another taxi out to a local dock.

We met Lendy, our captain and guide, and wandered down to the boat. There were already eight people there, so we boarded and headed up river. It was quite windy and the tide was high, and we saw nothing except waves. We pulled into “Rust and Work” – Lendy’s village.

It was a village of about 300 people all descended from immigrants from Java. It was well laid out and some nice houses. Lots of water as at spring tide the place is below sea level. There were lots of motor bikes and boats, but no cars. Also a large number of song birds in their small cages.

Back on the boat we sailed further out into the river and we started seeing dolphins. There were two other boats and we sailed around looking at the pods. The eight other folks crowded the front of the boat so Kitty and I looked out the sides. We got some pictures of the small brackish water dolphins – pink stomachs!

Then back to the dock, a taxi back to the hotel, dinner in our room and packing. We have to get up very early tomorrow so after we printed out the boarding passes we watched a little TV (first time) then went to bed.

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