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We have spent the past two days resting up after the busy activity of the past several weeks. The problem I ran into was muscle spasms in my back after lifting and carrying my air compressor around to air up tires on my truck.

Having "charlie horses" racing across your back is not a pleasant feeling and sleep is far from normal.

I had an appointment with a chiropractor for tomorrow. I wanted to see him today but the office was closed. In any case I plan to cancel that appointment and go to an Urgent Care facility in Fountain, Colorado.

It is great having so many friends as we do and they always seem ready to help. We look forward to enjoying more activities with these friends in the time we have remaining here in the mountains.

As I sat here in my recliner feeling sorry for myself and trying to handicap the charlie horse race, I noticed dark clouds building up over the mountains. I also heard thunder in the distance and it soon grew in intensity. Then I heard the sound of hail hitting the roof. The hail and rain began to pour from the sky and the ground turned white. We lost the satellite signal and the TV was interrupted for a while.

I went back to the comfort of my bed and managed to get some sleep as the pain eased for a bit.

Now I am sitting with Marilyn enjoying some quiet time.

I'll keep you informed how things are going, but for now I'll simply remind you dear readers that Life is Good!

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