2018 Prescott, AZ Area travel blog

Verde Canyon Railroad 1 - the two engines at the head of...

Verde Canyon Railroad 2 - getting ready to board

Verde Canyon Railroad 3 - some of the scenery as we leave...

Verde Canyon Railroad 4 - quite a few cars on the train

Verde Canyon Railroad 5 - the Verde River below us

Verde Canyon Railroad 6

Verde Canyon Railroad 7 - some of the Verde River Canyon

Verde Canyon Railroad 8

Verde Canyon Railroad 9

Grand Canyon 1

Grand Canyon 2

Grand Canyon 3

Grand Canyon 4

Grand Canyon 5 - just tempting fate - they have already had...

Grand Canyon 6

Grand Canyon 7 - the Colorado River at the bottom

Grand Canyon 8

Grand Canyon 9 - The Colorado is a little muddy from all...

Grand Canyon 10 - the usual crow overlooking everyone

Grand Canyon 11 - The Watchtower at Desert View

Grand Canyon 12 - some canyon stats

Bearizona 1 - a porcupine

Bearizona 2 - a raccoon

Bearizona 3

Bearizona 4 - a small cub trying to figure out how to...

Bearizona 5 - nope, that won't get me down either

Bearizona 6 - a badger

Bearizona 7 - a white peacock

Bearizona 8 - a bobcat

Bearizona 9 - some river otters

It doesn't seem possible six weeks have gone by since our last posting but I guess the calendar knows better. It has been busy to say the least.

We have spent a lot of the time at the speech and occupational therapists since our last blog posting but I am happy to say that Doris has graduated from both and is continuing to improve. She still is at a loss for words on occasion but those moments are fewer and farther apart. Either her sister or my brother have been able to visit on most weekends and that has been great. We have been able to see them more this summer than we have since we left home many years ago. I have been at the gun range at least once a week (except the last two) and managed to buy a couple of new guns though I can't take possession of them until they are sent to me back in Florida once we return.

We went down to Sky Harbor Airport in Phoenix to pick up our youngest daughter, Michelle, on June 26 for a two-week stay with us. When we got back we found our patio awning had come detached from the roof and was just hanging there. Three weeks later a mobile repairmen had received the new parts and fixed it like new!!

While Michelle was with us we visited the Grand Canyon, Tuzigoot National Monument, Montezuma Castle National Monument and Sedona. I did include some pictures of the Grand Canyon but none on the other visits though they can be seen on our 2011 blog when we visited the same places. Michelle was also able to visit the gun range a few times with me, my brother and his wife - she likes to shoot almost as much as I do!

On July 10 we took Michelle back down to Sky Harbor and picked up our oldest daughter, Misty, and her hope to be adopted son, Ishmael who just turned five years-old. She flew in about four hours before Michelle flew out but check-in, travel, etc. only gave them about an hour to see each other during the switch. Ish loves trains so while they were with us, we took them on the Verde Canyon Railroad then took the Mothership up to Williams, AZ for three nights so we would have a shorter trip to see the Grand Canyon and Bearizona. I included a few pictures of both. Bearizona is mainly about driving through the different enclosures (bears, white bison, reindeer, mountain goats, wolves, bighorn sheep) all of which no pictures were taken as I was driving. The pictures came from the very nice but small walk through zoo.

I took Misty and Ish back to Sky Harbor on July 24 and have done very little since then but relax!!! It was really good to see and spend some time with the kids and grand-kid but a five year-old is a little exhausting at our age!

I'll try to be a little more prompt on our next posting.

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