Herring/Gallo Trip Out West 2018 travel blog

Peter and Elisabeth got up early and the two of them went up to Lake Louise. Elisabeth had not seen it and so they left the campground about 6 am so they could beat the crowds. They were able to get a parking place and they had breakfast at the Cafe in the Hotel and got to see the area. They were back at the campground by 11 am. The boys wanted to go to town and pick up some stuff and so we all went to town and had ice cream and walked around. We came back to the campground and Pete and Elisabeth took the car back and had dinner (just the two of them) in town. Susan and I watched the boys while they got in a few last Canadian bike rides. We had dinner and got things packed up so we could leave the next morning. It was going to be a long drive back to the US. Just wished we had stayed a few days longer. It is really a beautiful place. One of the funny things is that almost all the waitstaff and shop help are from Australia. You could not throw a boomerang in Banff and not hit someone from Australia. They say it is an adventure and easy to get a work Visa. More power to them!

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