2018 Around the Shoreline of the Great Lakes travel blog

"King of Beers" on grain silos in Manitowoc

Manitowoc Lighthouse and birdhouses

Lighthouse on the breakwater

Trimaran approaching the harbor entrance while a wave crashes on the breakwater

Rough water along the breakwater

Trimaran enter the harbor entrance

I wonder where they are going?

Trimaran makes it to to safety

A closer look at the birdhouses

Lighthouse and wildflowers

Pink wildflowers

Almost got the people kneeling on the rocks

Storm approaching off the lake

Waves and garden plot along Mariners Trail

Another Mariners Trail garden

Moon and Rawley Point Lighthouse

Big Dipper (right) over the lighthouse

Path through the dunes

Dune boardwalk

Not full but the moon was bright

Newly coiffed

I've been making use of our down time for some personal maintenance, laundry, and as usual photography. Since I haven't had a haircut since the middle of May I decided to find a barber shop and clean up. The first 2 places I found on-line in Two Rivers were out of business or closed on Monday. I expanded my search and found "The Barbershop, A Hair Salon for Men". You never know what to expect when you go into a "foreign" barber shop, but this one was a pleasant surprise. All the stylists were women. I asked for a hair cut and also agreed to a beard trim. What I got in addition to my hairs cut was a relaxing shampoo and cooling conditioner (tea tree oil), a hot soothing towel with beard oil, eyebrow and beard trim, and a shoulder rub with an old fashioned Oster massager. All this for $15.50 plus a tip (I felt guilty at $8). I felt like a new man. I said to Sue it would almost be worth driving back here every couple of months for the service.

It's been raining and windy most of the time we've been in Two Rivers. The wind has whipped up waves on the lake that are breaking on the shore and at the harbor entrance in Manitowoc. Across the street from the RV park is Lake Michigan and along the shore is Mariners Trail, a biking, walking, and walking path. They've done a nice job with benches and gardens planted by volunteers along the way every quarter mile or so. I went to Mariners Trail and then down to the harbor area in Manitowoc to see the lighthouse at the breakwater. The wave action against the breakwater made for some huge surges and I watched a big trimaran carefully enter the harbor from the lake.

The lighthouse on the breakwater was constructed in 1917. The lighthouse was eventually automated in 1971, and the lamp's lens was removed in 2002 and placed on display at the nearby Wisconsin Maritime Museum. In 2009, Manitowoc Breakwater Lighthouse, was declared excess by the Coast Guard and was offered at no cost to eligible organizations under the provisions of the National Historic Lighthouse Preservation Act of 2000. When no one was found to assume ownership of the lighthouse, it was put up for auction by the government on October 18, 2010. Only two bids were received for the property and the auction closed the next day after no new bids were received. The winning bidder was Philip Carlucci of Melville, New York. Carlucci said owning a lighthouse has been a dream of his ever since going to the beach as a youth and climbing lighthouses. He spent roughly $300,000 to renovate and paint the lighthouse in time for the 100th birthday of the lighthouse in 2018. Tours and events at the lighthouse are planned in the future.

The other lighthouse in the area is north of Two Rivers at Rawley Point. A brick lighthouse was constructed at this location in 1874, but by the 1890's it had started to crumble as a result of defective brick. In 1894, a iron tower was relocated from the Chicago River. The new skeleton iron tower stands 113 feet tall, and is the tallest land-based lighthouse on the Great Lakes. Rawley Point Lighthouse was staffed until 1979 when the station became fully automated. The present light, an aerobeacon, was installed in 1987. The keepers’ house is currently used as a rental cottage for Coast Guard personnel.

I went to Rawley Point with the intention of trying to photograph the Milky Way over the lighthouse, but was disappointed when I found out the best vantage point was on federally restricted property. I shot some pictures from the lake side and at least got the Big Dipper in several of them.

Hopefully Winnie's parts will be in tomorrow and we'll be on our way in the next day our so. Stay tuned.

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