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Rock Lady at our hotel

Grass Dome



Loved this piece of art work especially with the man and phone...

Statue at the church with the cross

JUly 17th

Darlene told us that she doesn't drink anything but decaffinated coffee which she had brought with her. So last night she had a cup in the early evening. She was the first one to bed and out like a light at 9:30. We followed suit around 11. A couple hours later she is wide awake, and finally moved to the couch in the front room, where she realized that she had grabbed the wrong coffee and had left the decaffinated at home. In the morning we found her curled up on the very short couch.

We had a buffet style breakfast, from a variety of breads and buns, cheese, ham, lamb slices, pate, boiled egg, tomato, cucumber, large kiwi, apple, variety of pastries, cereal, and 3 varieties of Skyr,(type of yogurt). Coffee, tea and juice.

Once satisfied, we set out for the Saga Museum, which turned out to be a self guided tour around tableaus depicting the history of Iceland. Our headsets allowed us to move at our own pace. A very bloody history of killing as each new group came to gain control. In the late 1800's many people emmigrated from Iceland because of the harsh climate and volcanic activity. Most came to Canada. Today, Iceland's population is around 340,000. Over the years they incurred a huge debt. Fishing was their main economy. However in the last couple years, tourism has helped to revitalize the country and is now on equal footing if not surpassing fishing.

I departed company with Linda and Darlene, as I was heading to brave the sea and take a one hour boat ride to a Puffin Sanctuary. As we circled the island, many puffins could be seen flying to and from the island. As they were in constat motion, it was useless trying to take photos. I learned that puffins have solid bones, unlike the hollow bones of most other birds. They need to beat their wings up to 400 times a minute because of this. They also mate for life and spend most of their time at sea. The male arrives first to prepare the nest. If the female does not return, the male then chooses a younger female as they would be the only ones available. However if his mate should happen to return, he then dumps the new girlfriend and returns to his original mate. The female lays only one egg and they both take turns sitting on the egg and then feeding it when hatched. Then one day, the parents fly off leaving the puffling. The puffling is then forced to fend for itself and takes to the sea. Some good parenting strategies, I would say.

I continued to wander the town, visiting another church and passing through a graveyard. The graves are attended by the decendants but many of them were overgrown. I passed over a lake and headed my way back to the hotel.

Meanwhile Linda and Darlene headed to the lighthouse at the far end of Reykjavik. They caught the city bus and meandered their way, sightseeing along the route. Once they reached the area, they found that they would have quite a long walk along the spit to reach the lighthouse. Was this worth the time. Coming to consensus they turned around and caught the bus back into town. They returned to the harbour and had Lobster Bisque and Grilled Scallops, which Darlene said was absolutely to die for.

They returned back to the hotel about a half an hour after me. We decided we would go and eat noodle bowls, which were very filling.

Early back home to prepare for our departure by car for Darlene and I, and plane for Linda.

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