The Oregon Trail 2018 travel blog

Massive Paul Bunyon and Babe the Blue Ox

Such gigantic redwoods

Cathedral trees - weddings are often held here

Towering high above us

That is a BIG tree

Gondola ride gave us a different view

Candelabra Tree - trees growing out of another tree

Big trees = big squirrels

A challenging trail

Steep enough to require ropes

Watch out behind you!

Crossing at low tide to Battery Point Lighthouse

Pathway to the lighthouse open only at low tide

Quite a collection

A great birdhouse for a lighthouse to have

We have spotted seals almost every day

A little wind sculpting

Not fishing but crabbing

Hauling in his catch

Red Rock Crab

Crescent City, CA Who wouldn’t want to see a 49’ tall Paul Bunyon and 35’ tall Babe the Blue Ox? It was certainly on our list! Besides Paul and Babe, Trees of Mystery offered other enticements. Redwood trees are the largest living things on earth, averaging 8’ to as much as 20’ in diameter, reaching as much as 375’ in height. That is 72' taller than the Statue of Liberty, from base of the pedestal to the tip of the torch. The bark of a coastal redwood is very thick, as much as a foot in places. When exposed to fire - it chars into a heat shield, and is able to survive forest fires that would totally destroy other trees. The chemical composition of the tree itself is apparently distasteful to normal tree pests like termites and ants. The bark even resists battery acid. There are special trees, too. A group of 9 trees grew together as one to be the world’s largest "cathedral" tree. It is often used as a site for weddings. The Candelabra Tree is formed by a tree growing horizontally with younger trees sprouting from it – unique. Then we rode a gondola for nearly 1/3 mile over the tree tops for a different view. We hiked back down an incredibly steep trail that is so steep it has ropes to which one clings to keep from sliding down the mountain. It was great! We also checked out Battery Point Lighthouse because one can get to it only at low tide – another interesting experience. We finished off our day with a lesson in crabbing. What fun!

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