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'pirate ships' of all shapes .....

..... and sizes were popular at Alanya's waterfront

Alanya's fortress walls dominated the beach area

how disgusting ..... ice cream with Amaretto

have a photo taken with a camel ..... another money spinner

Sadly that happiness diminished upon our arrival at our Alanya hotel in 40C heat.

It was so disappointing to find our room air-conditioning not working but after reassurances from the manager that when we return from dinner all would be good.

The popular Turkish saying “no problem” was alive and well but not the a/c.

A room change was decided so we re-packed and moved only to find room two had the same problem. The 'technician' fiddled, scratched his head and pondered while we sweated some more.

We were moved once again although that time we received help.

Hallelujah, third time lucky..... almost !

Nice room, air working but no top sheet on the bed and only one towel.

We were simply way too tired to care.

It was such a shame that all that drama spoilt our visit to that popular town with one of the busiest seasides we had experienced. Extremely colourful 'pirate ships' were flat out transporting tourists some 400m out to deeper water just for a swim.

A seaside dinner under the stars was a great memory.

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