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Our friend Bob rode with us to the airport in Colorado Springs so he could drive our car back to the resort leaving us to get a rental car we had reserved. You may wonder why we were renting a car when we have both a car and a truck. Good question.

Our daughter and two grandchildren were arriving at the airport in Denver and we were to pick them up around 11:00 in the morning. They were staying six days with us so that meant about half a ton of luggage would accompany them. My grandson Colby had packed several days before the trip and told me he was bringing a baseball and two ball gloves and a football. Of course the kids also bring their Ipads, cell phones, chargers for each device, and who knows what packed in a suitcase and a backpack for each child. Our daughter managed to squeeze everything she needed into only one suitcase about the size of a Mack truck.

Our car is a tiny little Ford Fiesta hatchback so there was no way the luggage would fit into the car. Probably not even if there were no passengers at all. Now my big Ford Diesel Dually would easily carry the luggage in the back but it has four bucket seats with consoles between and there would be five passengers. So too much luggage for the car and too many passengers for the truck means that my options were to leave Marilyn at home or get a rental car.

The traffic in Denver was terrible but I maintained my composure with a minimum of Grrr moments and we soon arrived at the resort where we quickly checked the family into the cabin we had rented for them. They loved the cabin and the RV resort and we were ready to take the car back to the rental place.

Jennifer, Marilyn and Lauren followed Colby and I and we soon arrived at the rental car return facility at the airport. I had forgotten to fill the car with fuel before returning it as I had promised and the guy suggested I take the car and fuel it up because, he explained, they charge $10 per gallon for a full tank of gas if I did not return it full as promised. No problem! I quickly left and returned about 20 minutes later with the gas tank full.

All five of us then squeezed into our tiny little car and drove about 30 miles or so to Penrose, Colorado to have dinner at "The Gooseberry Patch" where they have a buffet with fried chicken, roast beef, and all sorts of good food.

The day ended back at the resort where we sat together outdoors.

Our grandkids quickly became acquainted with Bob & Janet's grandkids and suddenly we actually had an opportunity to visit with our daughter as the kids all went exploring together.

Life is Good!

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