Iceland/Greenland 2018 travel blog

Touring Nuuk in the fog

A house in the Nuuk suburbs (note carport under house)

Traditional finery

"Everyday clothes"

Inuit mummies in the museum

Sculpture in Nuuk near the museum

Zodiac ride in the fjord

The beach we landed at

The result of target practice near the beach

Today we are docked in Nuuk, the capital and largest city in Greenland (pop. 17,300). We began the day in dense fog with a bus tour of the town, ending at the museum.

The exhibits included Inuit clothing, tools, etc. The highlight was an exhibit of Inuit mummies from northern Greenland, three women and two children if I remember correctly. It was the climate that mummified them, not their families. Not a happy highlight. We also had some shopping opportunities.

Back on board for lunch, followed by a zodiac tour up the Nuuk fjord. Not as many icebergs as at Ilulissat, but very spectacular scenery.

On the way back, we landed on a beach outside town, where the locals obviously come for picnics and target practice. There was an abandoned building that was full of bullet holes, with shell casings of all sizes on the ground. There is very, very little soil in Greenland; hunting is a necessity of life.

Between tea and dinner, I took a soak in the hot tub on the aft deck, with amazing views all around. After dinner I attended a showing of a documentary, “Minik the Lost Eskimo.” The “Lost” refers both to “lost” in American society and “lost” to Eskimo culture. The ‘explorer’ Robert Perry was an ass.

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