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six of the best are 'locked-and-loaded'

cafe' ships lined the wharf at Mersin

Oh,no! ..... has she become a 'Whirling Dervish' devotee ?

We now made our way to the southern Mediterranean coast and enjoyed a 4.5 hour run through Aksaray on brilliant roads. A toll road section was excellent but very expensive when compared to those in Greece or Italy.

Our arrival into Mersin was welcomed by heat, traffic and dust. Both the heat and dust were bad enough but drivers were shocking. We were glad to reach our very comfy hotel for our short break.

Hotel staff were once again great but had little understanding of English so our iPhone translating app was put to heavy use. At dinner we used menu pictures and sign language to order meals and drinks but even after the best efforts we received double of everything. Wine was available so Davey hastened to order a glass, again from the menu wine list. A 1 litre bottle of the local brew arrived instead but true to form and rather than sending it back he obligingly left leftovers for the next evening meal. What a true champion.

Exploring the big town was limited to a drive around and a moderate walk along the seafront. It was hot and humid.

Once again Gilli had the answer and we were soon Googling shopping malls. It definitely was a good choice and we were very impressed with the one we spent a couple of hours exploring.

The opportunity to have her hair fussed over meant another 2 hours spent in a salon which was exciting and the lady was happy.

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