Herring/Gallo Trip Out West 2018 travel blog

So we got up and headed to Jackson Hole for a day of sightseeing and a float trip down the Snake River. On the way we stopped at Dog Jax and boarded Harley and Ivy. They got to play and as a bonus for us, the got a bath! After dropping them off we headed into Jackson Hole. We had a float trip scheduled for 1 pm, but were told if we wanted to find a place to park the RVs we had better get there early. Well we lucked out and found two spots in the public lot right next to downtown and the rafting company! We used the extra time to explore downtown Jackson. Lots of shops and places to eat.Jackson is upscale and the prices are a bit high, but the boys got some sweatshirts and long sleeve shirts, since the temperature had turned a bit cold. We had lunch in the parking lot and took off to meet the raft company. We were on a raft by ourselves and we loaded into a van and went about 8 or 9 miles up the snake to launch the raft. When we got there Peter was so excited to find out that the launch ramp was made out of his product and that the blocks had performed well. We got aboard our raft and headed out in the river. The water was a bit high and swift,but the view of the Tetons was fantastic. We did see some bald eagles and then we noticed the clouds start to build and we saw lightning and heard thunder and got a brief shower, but the rafting company had slickers and blankets so we bundled up and just floated on down the river. It was really a fun trip and you could tell Peter really enjoyed talking to the guide about river rafting. It was also neat to see Peter telling Jack how to read the river and get the raft to go where it needed to go. The trip lasted about 2 hours and we got back to Jackson in plenty of time for one RV to go get the dogs and Peter and the boys stayed in town to explore. We got back and picked up the other RV and headed north to Flagg Ranch/Headwaters Lodge where we were going to stay for 3 nights. Our campground was on the edge of Yellowstone Park and was in the wilderness. Great views of the mountains and fire pits so we could have campfires. The boys especially enjoyed being able to ride their bikes all over the campground. Lots of kids and people from all over the world. We had booked a Chuckwagon Breakfast but it was cancelled because of high bear activity. We have seen lots of signs about bears, but have not seen one yet.

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