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We had been lucky with only heavy fog and being overcast for the last few days, but it broke loose today with the rain. I was so glad I had bought that umbrella yesterday.

We ate breakfast at 8:40 because we had a 9:45 tour. We met our guide, Helene at the boat dock for our 12 minute ride over to Ile-aux-Marins, or the Sailor's Island. Luckily the small boat had an indoor cabin in which we could sit, out of the weather.

Once on the island, we took our walking tour with Helene and another couple from Montreal in heavy rain (yes, we're crazy) looking at the houses and the foundations of houses that no longer exist, the large areas of pebbles and stones where they used to dry the cod (today was not a good day to dry cod) and to visit the church Notre-Dame des Marin's. We saw the cemetery, a cave recreating the story of St. Bernadette, and an outdoor stations of the cross path with 14 stations. Each of the 14 stations are dedicated to the 12 veterans who died in WWI, and 2 who perished in WWII.

The tour ended at the former schoolhouse which is now a museum. We spent time in the museum out of the weather looking at the exhibits about the school and life on the island. Outside the museum, quelle surprise!, a free library box!

When it was about time for the 11:15 ferry, we worked our way back to the dock. The ferry was a little late, so we sat in a dry waiting shed with the other couple and talked with them about their travels and plans.

Then the ferry finally arrived for our return trip after dropping off a family of five who had luggage and cooler for a stay on the island at one of the houses where there is either one bedroom and a dorm that sleeps 16 people or the other house which has two bedrooms and 2 dorms to sleep 20 people.

Once back in Saint Pierre, we high-tailed it back to the hotel to get out of our wet clothes to dry and warm up. Jean took a nice hot bath to warm up. We watched "You've Got Mail" in French while reading.

About 2:00 we headed over to the Musee Heritage (Heritage Museum) for the afternoon. It was a nice setup. There were 7 rooms, each with a different aspect of Saint Pierre - a religion section with a chapel, fishery area with dorries, prohibition with bottles, some still full and crates, medicine area with an operating room, a classroom, and others. At the end of the tour was a close captioned film about the history and daily life of Saint Pierre as told by locals-many who had lived through the eras.

We came out of the museum, and lo and behold, the rain had stopped. So, we walked over and got some ice cream cones as a treat on the way back to the room. Tonight we have to pack for our 8:30 pick-up tomorrow morning.

Our dinner tonight was a repeat of Monday at La Creperie at 7:00. I enjoyed the cod entrée (after all, it was their main business as I have learned this week) and the caramel crepe. Jean had the duck entrée and a chocolate with almonds crepe.

Back to the room for Jeopardy and pack for our travel day tomorrow.

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