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Cunningham Ranch house

Trixie got us up with the chickens today, then promptly went back to bed after she was fed. We took our time with coffee, even having one cup with Irish cream since it was Sunday. Then Don worked on the water pump a bit; it has been making a terrible racket for some unknown reason. I thought it was going bad, but it appears to be just a kink in the hose, although who knows how it got there or why it never made that noise before!

Afterwards we drove over to Jackson Lake and the dam for some pictures. We also stopped at the Cunningham House, an early cattle farmer. It had a neat sod roof and 2 rooms with a breezeway in between. And of course a breathtaking view of the mountains.

When we got home we went for a walk up a side road that led eventually above where our trailer is parked. No bears or other wildlife, but lot of wildflowers.

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