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Margret, George & Margaret are off to Church this morning. I am at the office using the net. Catching up on my email etc.

The townspeople are putting together a book on the 50th Anniversary of a landslide. It is interesting hearing the discussions & stories.

I am enjoying my interaction with these people. They just gave me a book by Francois Paulette. All though I may not agree with much in the book, it will make interesting reading!

Later on we are going to the salt flats.

While the salt plains was impressive, especially the panoramic look-out it was not what I had expected. Because of the rain of the last few days it was more of a 'mud flats'. We did see Sand-hill cranes & Pelicans but no whopping cranes. This is the summer home of the whooping cranes. They were probably there, but it is a very large area.

The hike down to the flats was excruciating. My legs have been aching since we came on this trip and the hike didn't help. The sign said 75 m down to the flats, but it was a lot longer considering it was steep.

George attempted to walk out on the flats but got stuck in the mud. I couldn't help but laugh at his antics! Tried not too, but his dilema was hilarious. Should have thought to video it.

We returned to the campsite about the time Barb & Glenn did. They had been out riding their bikes on the Canada Trail. Barb didn't fall off her bike!

We all met in the clubhouse for happy hour. Everyone was tired after a full day.

Went for a shower and after spent sometime in the office with Toni (camp host). The locals are doing a book for the 50th anniversary of a landslide they had here. It is eveyones story. Very interesting. She let me read the unfinished book. Very dramatic pictures.. and stories.

Went back to the RV and hooked up the 'toad'. Save some time in the morning as we are off to the next leg of our adventure. we will be returning to a Territorial park we were at before. If I recall it had black flies and mosquitoes the size of a large bumblebee! Great waterfalls though.\

The end of another busy day!

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