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Very interesting day in Fort Smith.

First off, Fort Smith wasn't named after one of my ancestors. It was named for some chap from Scotland who worked for the Hudson's Bay Company.

Early this morning I went to the office to catch up on the journal. While typing away 6 or 7 of the locals arrived. Margret and I got into converstation with them. Learned a lot of the local history. Very interesting! Spent the morning there chatting. Met the Aboriginal gentleman who had met the pope, the Queen & also took William & Kate on a canoe trip, Francois Paulette. An interesting man indeed!

I was at the office as I said to catch up on the journal but didn't get much done. Have to work on it later on.

So this afternoon we went into town. We went to the outlook where we could see the rapids called the 'Rapids of the Drowned'. The story is some traders came along in their canoes and boat shot the rapids. When on the other side they were to let the other boats know if it was safe with a gunshot. It wasn't safe but one of the men at the bottom of the rapids shot at a duck. The others above the rapids heard the shot and went and all drowned! Sad story indeed.

We met a Tim Horton's & had lunch with the others. Then Margret & I went grocery shopping.

Visited the local heritage centre. All of these towns I have been to in the north, both on this trip and other trips, have interesting very interesting displays. They all tell stories of Northern Canada.

Strangest thing happened. As we were about to pull out of a parking lot a big raven landed on the hood of the car. He didn't fly off until 5 or 6 blocks later. Even stayed on when we stopped for stop signs! Yes I have a video to prove it! I will post it on you tube in the near future.

Back to the campsite. Everyone marveled at the video. We had happy hour at George & Margarets trailer. Had a nice fire going when it started to rain. Happy hour was cut short.

Back at our RV we watched a vidio 'The Last Castle' with Robert Redford & James Gandolfini. Excellent movie!

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