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Up early to pack up. Stopped at the Esso station in town to gas up. Used our 80 ltr card. Then to the visitor centre as they had a 'dump' station there.

The trip to Ft Smith went well. The road was paved all the way.

We saw a herd of buffalo right by the road, maybe 40 or 50 Bison. No other animals. This was in Wood Buffalo National Park. So it seems right that we should see buffalo.

Rainy day.

Stopped on a turn out for lunch. Mosquitoes don't seem as bad, and no 'bulldogs'!

Arrived at the camp ground in Fort Smith. The park management (hosts) are a couple named Toni & Peanuts. His real name is Henry. Why peanuts I don't know. Anyhow they are a very nice couple. Great sense of humour.

After getting settled we were off to town to the legion. We had all wanted fish & chips, Friday you know. Unfortunately the legion didn't serve it. So we went to another restaurant, but they were 'out of chips'. So off to a second restaurant called 'Pelicans' It was a Chinese restaurant but fortunately they had fish & chips. But they were out of clam chowder, oh well can't win them all.

Today it has been raining off and on. When we came out of the restaurant it was pouring. Somehow I ended up going to get the car, while the others got to wait in the lobby of the restaurant staying dry! I had left it in the Legion parking lot a block away.

Back to the campground.

Maybe tomorrow we will have sunshine!

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