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Giant Inukchuk


Beer at the Legion


A busy day today.

Went to the office to catch up on mail this morning. Called the park in Fort Smith to book sites for tomorrow. We will probably stay in FT Smith until Monday. I wonder who it is named after? I didn't have any ancestors up this way I am sure. I will have to research it and see.

Checked out the MH & car for the trip to Fort Smith tomorrow. We are not sure what the road is like as we have heard different stories.

Had bacon & eggs for lunch today.

Barb, Glenn, Margret and I went to the wharf in the afternoon. Watched the fisherman unload their catch. Lake Trout, white fish & pickerel. Lake trout are some big fish! There was a woman there buying fish right off the boats. She told me she was taking them back to Ontario. I don't know why as they have some mighty big lakes there, along with huge fish.

Piled into the car and off to the local museum. Small but interesting. They had displays ranging from RCMP to Fisherman to Communications. The museum was contained in an old Hudson's Bay Company store.

Went back to the visitor centre as Glenn hadn't been there and didn't get an esso card. Barb again talked to the locals about different people in Hay River.

Stopped at the grocery store on the way back to buy some milk. From there to the post office to mail postcards.

Then we had to stop at the Legion so Glenn could buy everyone a drink. We told him it was because he had rang a bell at the museum. Nice legion. They even take a $1.00 off domestic beer for seniors. Of course we didn't find this out until we were leaving. The girl behind the bar didn't let us know. On reflection it was maybe because she didn't think we were seniors, hah!

Back to the campsite. After a sandwich we went over to George & Margret's for pie and ice-cream. Rhubarb pie. They had baked the pie, it was excellent.

Margaret, George & I tried our luck at fishing to no avail. The river was high and running to fast.

After a long day, off to bed..

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